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Novum Rumia is a complex modern and intimate residential buildings, consisting of five above-ground storeys. The entire investment consists of 22 modern buildings and 440 apartments in total.
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Residential Fair Gdynia Arena Autumn 2021 4-5 September

17 Aug 2021

We have been waiting a long time to be able to meet you live. On the first weekend of September (4 – 5.09) we cordially invite you to the Gdynia Housing Fair – Gdynia Arena, the largest event of this type in the region for many months.

The housing fair is an excellent opportunity to compare local offers of real estate on the primary market, including offers of apartments and houses, plots and loans, and interior design.

Comprehensive knowledge in one place, meetings with experts and special promotional campaigns exclusively for trade fair participants. At the event you will find offers from all over the Tri-City, the “Small Kashubian Tri-City” and surrounding towns.

Find your perfect location, learn about its biggest advantages and even negotiate the price.

Broaden your knowledge of the local residential and investment real estate market.

Autumn Housing Fair Gdynia is also a useful and practical part of the conference – lectures and lectures by experts. This year,the list of topics is extremely interesting:

  • House included in the price of the apartment.
  • What is the cheapest way to finance the purchase of an apartment in a mortgage?
  • Photovoltaics – is it worth it?
  • How to take care of your own property rights?

In addition, meetings with interior designers and advice on arrangements, tailored to the space, style and budget.

Novum Rumia is an investment that cannot be missing at this event. Offered standard – modern, ecological and functional solutions that anticipate and even create local housing trends. Are you looking for a high standard at a reasonable price? Are you interested in buying an investment property with a safe earning potential? Novum Rumia is the “right address”.

See you!

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