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Novum Rumia is a complex modern and intimate residential buildings, consisting of five above-ground storeys. The entire investment consists of 22 modern buildings and 440 apartments in total.
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Open day with an interior designer 27.11.2021 in the HS DOM office

16 Nov 2021

On 27.11.2021 (Saturday) from 10.00 to 15.00 in our sales office there will be an “Open Day with an Interior Designer”. Our clients can get a free consultation on interior finishing and ultimately commission an apartment arrangement project to an experienced and creative F-Studio team.

Open day with an interior designer – plan a functional and modern apartment

The open day with an interior designer is an event carried out by the HS Dom Developer in cooperation with the FStudio design office. The aim of the open day with an interior designer is to support the clients of the Novum housing estate in Rumia in designing the perfect apartment that meets the needs of its residents.

During the meeting, customers can take advantage of a free and one-time consultation with an interior designer who will suggest how to functionally and modernly plan the finishing of the apartment. Clients can also commission architects to carry out the arrangement design of the entire apartment, using attractive discounts provided by Fstudio especially for the Clients of the HS DOM Developer!

Who is the open day with an interior designer aimed at?

The open day with an interior designer is addressed to people who have purchased an apartment in the Novum Rumia investment and are waiting for the keys to the apartment to be collected.

Meet the architect – FStudio

“In our work, we make a lot of effort to ensure that each project is tailored to the tastes, needs and pockets of our clients. Therefore, before we start design work, we ask customers about habits, preferences, hobbies and other activities, so as to prepare interiors tailored 100% to the preferences of customers.” The office is run by a team: Paulina Góźdź & Agata Pawletko.

Portfolio: https://pracowniafstudio.pl
Email: biuro@pracowniafstudio.pl
Tel. 500-578-028

How to take part in the event?

To participate in the event, please contact the HS DOM developer’s sales office at 720 560 560 or send an e-mail to the address – biuro@hsdom.pl to determine the time of consultation.

Attention – the number of places is limited 🙂

We cordially invite you to contact our sales office.

Sales Office ul. Kosynierów 80D/21
84-230 Rumia

Our advisors Patrycja Zembrzuska
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