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Novum Rumia is a complex modern and intimate residential buildings, consisting of five above-ground storeys. The entire investment consists of 22 modern buildings and 440 apartments in total.
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How to buy an apartment in Rumi? 5 important tips for every buyer

04 Aug 2020

When planning to buy an apartment in Rumi on the primary market, it is worth remembering the basic selection criteria. It should be pointed out that the elements that we take into account when buying a dream apartment also significantly affect the target value of the purchased property. The most important factors determining the purchase of a given property include, first of all: location, investment environment, standard of finishing buildings and standard of finishing apartments. We have prepared 5 issues that are worth considering when buying a new apartment in Rumi:

1. Location, location and once again location! – you decide if you have everywhere on the way!

This factor is often referred to by customers as one of the most important aspects considered when buying a property, especially on the primary market. By the term location we mean both the distance from commercial and service points, the distance from public transport as well as the proximity of recreational areas.

Therefore, it is worth taking a good look at the analyzed offer in terms of the vicinity of the points described above. For example, in the vicinity of the Novum housing estate located in Rumia at ul. Kosynierów you will find such commercial and service points as: Port Rumia Auchan Shopping Center, Decathlon store, Agata Meble, bus stops, Park Trampolin Jump City, Aquapark, or numerous bicycle paths. Importantly, it is also planned to build the Rumia Biała Rzeka Fast Urban Railway station – just a 15-minute walk from the estate. The offer of the HS Dom developer is therefore dedicated to all those who like to have everywhere on the way.

2. The immediate surroundings of the property – bet on a functional and modern housing estate.

Another important factor influencing the purchase of real estate on the primary market is the immediate environment. What is worth paying attention to, first of all, is the development of the estate, i.e. the presence of places for recreation for future residents. We should also remember that the comfortable use of the estate is also influenced by m.in. the presence of public parking spaces, available not only for us, but even for our guests. The developer HS Dom made sure that the visits of our guests were not associated with the eternal problem of parking. In front of the buildings there will be free and public above-ground parking spaces. What’s more, the Novum housing estate located in Rumia at ul. Kosynierów will be equipped with m.in. in a docking station for electric vehicles, a bicycle workshop, an outdoor gym, playgrounds or a playground. Therefore, the developer has provided many attractions not only for the youngest.

3. Standard of buildings – time for timeless design!

The aesthetics of the estate and its modernity are mainly influenced by the design and architecture of the designed buildings. The quality of the building materials used or the modernity of the technologies used is also important. It is also worth paying attention to whether a given housing estate is intimate, and therefore how many units are located in the building and how many apartments are located on the first floor. Full comfort will also be ensured by the presence of an elevator, as well as additional storage rooms such as basements or storage rooms. An extremely valued solution is also the possibility of using the garage hall. For example, the buildings in the Novum housing estate have both a multi-station garage hall and a silent elevator. A big advantage of the investment is the location of storage rooms on the same floor as the apartment. The modern design of the estate is emphasized by glazed balconies, unusual decorative plaster on the façade as well as functional terraces with an area. up to 100 m2. What distinguishes the Novum housing estate is primarily the implementation of the investment using modern building materials, including silicate blocks (silka) and ytong panels. In each building, 20 premises and one staircase were designed. On the intimate floors there are only 5 residential premises. The offer of the developer HS Dom therefore presents a combination of a functional and at the same time modern housing estate, dedicated to people who pay attention to details.

4. Standard of finishing apartments in Rumia.

Undoubtedly, another extremely important factor determining the purchase of real estate on the primary market is the standard of finishing the apartment. Of course, it is customary to say that the apartment is given to customers in the developer standard, however, as you know, it does not have its uniform definition and is not specified in any regulations. It should be pointed out that HS Dom treats the developer standard as elevated. Why? We are in a hurry to answer. The walls in the apartments in the Novum housing estate are made of aerated concrete panels. In addition, the walls are already putty and painted white, and also have switches and contacts installed. Such a solution, first of all, accelerates finishing works for future residents of the Novum estate. It is also worth mentioning that in the new apartments developed by HS Dom there is a three-pane and six-chamber window joinery with marble conglomerate window sills. We know how much our customers appreciate the opportunity to spend their free time on a sunny balcony, which is why we give you apartments with a balcony finished with grose tiles along with contact and a light point. This solution allows you to enjoy additional space from the first days after receiving the apartment and spend time on the balcony also after dark.

5. Are there too many factors determining the choice of an apartment? Contact your Advisor. apartments on the primary market.

Studying the process of buying a property on the primary market can make you dizzy. Therefore, it is worth consulting with experienced specialists in the field of sales on the primary market. Advisors will not only suggest what to look for when choosing an apartment, they will help in setting priorities, but above all they will clearly present the purchase process, describing the clarification of individual stages of the transaction. Check out the apartments in Rumi currently available in our offer and contact us now.

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