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Novum Rumia is a complex modern and intimate residential buildings, consisting of five above-ground storeys. The entire investment consists of 22 modern buildings and 440 apartments in total.
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Housing prices in Poland are going up – where to invest in new real estate?

20 Dec 2021

The real estate market in recent years has recorded several significant, not to say spectacular price increases. This happens especially in places where an attractive labor market is combined with an attractive location and increased traffic of domestic and international tourism. Undoubtedly, the Tri-City, continuously for many decades, belongs to this type of location. Like a magnet, it attracts tourist traffic, but also people who want to work here, as well as settle down permanently.

The years 2020 and 2021 have only accelerated the long-standing trend here. According to the Central Statistical Office, the Tri-City is one of the few Polish metropolises in which the population growth is recorded every year. Current trends point rather to the depopulation of cities in favor of suburban areas. However, this does not apply to Gdańsk, Sopot or Gdynia. Prices of apartments on the primary and secondary market are growing extremely fast in the Tri-City, even against the background of significant increases throughout the country. Gdańsk and Gdynia in 2021 are even bigger increases than Warsaw, Krakow or Wrocław, according to the ranking of Puls Biznesu and Bankier.pl. In 2021, apartments in Poland increased by an average of 8.3%, and the Tri-City almost doubled this result, reaching a record 14% year on year.

Many expected that the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021 affected the slowdown in demand and the slowdown in the prices of new properties. However, these predictions very quickly turned out to be completely wrong. With the unstable economic situation in the world and in the country and record levels of inflation, real estate investment turned out to be one of the safest forms of capital location.

It is worth noting that the highest increases are recorded especially by large apartments, above 60 mk and those with their own gardens or terraces. Data published for December 2021 show that the current average prices per meter for apartments over 60 mk in Gdańsk and Gdynia are already approx. 10 700 PLN / m2.

Primary market Rumia

Upward trends do not bypass the immediate vicinity of the Tri-City. Especially towns well connected with the center of the agglomeration through the road network and SKM (Fast Urban Railway). These include primarily Rumia and Reda, which are part of the so-called Tri-City Metropolitan Area. When in the middle of last year we paid about PLN 8,500 for a meter of an apartment in Gdynia, at the current price significantly exceeding 10,000, the purchase of a new property in Rumia turns out to be a very interesting alternative. Getting to Rumi SKM from the center of Gdynia is only 15 minutes, about 20-30 minutes we will spend on the route moving by car. This seems little compared to the savings of even 150 – 180 thousand zlotys on a 60 mk apartment. What exactly are we talking about? Prices of apartments in Rumia at the end of 2021 for the primary market are approx. 7 500 – 8 000 PLN / m2. It is estimated that in the most attractive locations of the city, the price increase in the last 12 months has reached up to 15%. The proximity of the Tri-City Landscape Park, good connection with the Tri-City, convenient access to the Bay of Puck and Hel, as well as the vicinity of a rich commercial, service or educational offer – these are the amenities we should look for when choosing the most attractive district of Rumi for the purchase of a new apartment.

What will 2022 bring?

The latest data published on the fourth quarter of 2021 and forecasts for the beginning of 2022 indicate a slight slowdown in housing prices. However, according to the forecasts of HRE Think Tank, it appears that there is no reason to count on any declines or as it is described by some as “bursting the speculative bubble”. The situation on the Polish real estate market is defined as stable, striving for normalization, and price increases are its natural element. Therefore, a slight slowdown in growth at the turn of 2021/2022 will not last for long. Taking into account the significant increases in the prices of building materials, the increase in wages in the construction sector, the high inflation rate and the interest rates raised in connection with it, 2022 is expected to end with an increase slightly lower than in 2021, but it is still estimated at between 5 and 10%.

So what to do? Many investors have long since answered this question. Investing in real estate is currently the best way to secure and even multiply capital. Especially in the so-called. coastal belt, where real estate prices in the last 5 years have been growing the fastest on a national scale.


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