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Novum Rumia is a complex modern and intimate residential buildings, consisting of five above-ground storeys. The entire investment consists of 22 modern buildings and 440 apartments in total.

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Thinking about moving? Do you live in the Tri-City and are planning to change your place or are you just planning to move to Gdynia, Sopot or Gdańsk? Apartments in the Tri-City are very expensive and it is not so easy to find your own dream “M” there. Or maybe it is worth looking wider and choosing an apartment in an even better location? One of the most popular cities in the Tri-City agglomeration, to which crowds are still drawn, is… Rumia! How to choose this perfect apartment for sale in Rumi? Here are some tips and tricks that are sure to help you make the right decision.

Tri-City apartment: where is it worth living?

In recent years, the Tri-City has become one of the most popular cities in Poland for people who want to change their current place of residence. Are you one of them and are you looking for an apartment for sale in the Tri-City? Whether you are betting on a 2-room, 3-room or 4-room apartment, rumia is probably the best choice!

More and more people from the Tri-City and from other parts of the Polish and the world want to live in Rumia. After all, in this excellent location they have only a few kilometers and a few SKM stops from the center of Gdynia. In addition, 44% of the Rumia commune are forests, so the air and climate are much better than in the middle of the Tri-City.

Today, nearly 50,000 inhabitants are registered in this city. This is 11.9% more than in 2002. This is an impressive result if we consider that most medium-sized cities in Poland are experiencing depopulation. Importantly, from year to year the number of foreigners who want to settle in Rumia permanently is also increasing here.

Is it worth paying attention to the offers of apartments from the secondary market, or to bet on apartments for sale on the primary market?

Rumia: apartments for sale and the secondary market

On the secondary market in Rumi, the choice is small. Most of the offers concern old construction, in which it is difficult to count on the good condition of the premises. Second-hand apartments usually deviate significantly from today’s standards, and are not significantly cheaper than those in the developer state. Therefore, if you think “Rumia apartments” , look more towards new investments. After all, your own apartment is a purchase for years, so do not make this decision hastily.

Rumia: apartments for sale and the primary market

Apartments for sale in Rumi on the primary market look much better. In this city, attractive apartments in a quiet and peaceful area can turn out to be not only your beloved place on Earth, but also a great investment. According to data from the trojmiasto.pl website, only from September 2020 to January 2021 the average prices of apartments in Rumia increased from PLN 5714 to PLN 6041 per square meter and continue to grow. That is why it is worth making a decision now and not missing your dream apartment for sale.

Do a good research and think about the number of rooms you are interested in. Decide whether you are looking for an apartment that separately consists of a living room and kitchen, or maybe a living room with a kitchenette. Think about whether you prefer an apartment of 35 – 45 meters (2 rooms), or maybe a 3-room or 4-room apartment of 50 – 75 square meters. The next step is to choose the best developer and housing estate in Rumia.

New residential investments – Rumia

The popularity of Rumia and the entire Tri-City affects the development of the city and encourages developers to make further investments. A lot of new housing estates are being built in Rumia, which quickly fill up with tenants. In most cases, many apartments are already booked before laying the foundations for the construction of one of the new apartment buildings. At first glance, choosing your own “M” is quite a challenge. M2, M3 or M4? With or without a terrace? With a garage hall, or maybe with a parking lot “under the cloud”?

Rumia estate: which one to choose?

Are you looking for an apartment for sale in Rumia in a great location and wondering which estate can be the perfect choice? Novum Rumia is a housing estate that you can not pass by indifferently. Probably the best 2-room apartments, 3-room apartments and 4-room apartments in Rumi are right here. Why is it there that is worth seeing the apartment you have chosen for sale?

  • Ideal location (the apartments are far from the noisy national road No. 6, and at the same time it is a housing estate near the SKM station in Rumia)
  • All the most important stores a few steps from you (m.in. Auchan, Leroy Merlin, RTV Euro AGD, Empik and others in CH Port Rumia)
  • Intimate, yet modern and metropolitan atmosphere of the estate, where unique apartments for sale in Rumia with large balconies and terraces (up to 120 m2!) await you.
  • Lots of really good restaurants, service places and attractions for children and adults in Rumia (e.g. Cactus House, Multikino, Jumpcity, or Lemur Park)
  • Proven, experienced and positively evaluated in the network developer HS Dom, with whom you can sign a preliminary contract without fear, even if your block does not yet exist

These are just a few of the many advantages of this location, so do not hesitate, click and check which apartments for sale in Novum Rumia are still available and make an appointment in your own future “M” today!

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