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Novum Rumia is a complex modern and intimate residential buildings, consisting of five above-ground storeys. The entire investment consists of 22 modern buildings and 440 apartments in total.

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Novum Rumia is a complex
modern and intimate residential buildings, consisting of five above-ground floors.

The buildings have 4 floors and a garage hall and individual garages located on the ground floor. In each of the buildings there are 20 apartments, 5 apartments and 5 storage rooms for each floor.

CH Port Rumia
Gdynia Downtown
Hel Peninsula

New apartments for sale by the sea

Novum Rumia is an investment that stands out significantly against the background of offers from local competition. During its design and construction, we focused on modern architectural solutions that are even ahead of the Pomeranian trends on the new real estate market. We want modernity to take on a new – even innovative – dimension here. The key for us was to keep the price as low as possible in relation to the wealth of facilities and quality offered.

The combination of functionality, space, comfort and ecology … we could go on and on. And this is because the number of comforts and amenities in practice is innumerable … and is constantly growing! Along with the expansion of the Novum complex, more and more interesting solutions appear on the investment site, which increase the quality of life of residents. Playgrounds, sports fields, walking and relaxing places, charming greenery – trees and seasonal flowers, air quality sensors, charging stations for electric cars – all this to turn everyday life into perfection.

In our construction we focused on practical and intimate functionality. Buildings are an orientation to the comfort of everyday life of their tenants. Only 5 above-ground floors, including 4 residential, with a total of 20 apartments per building. On the ground floor there is a multi-station garage hall and commercial premises. On each floor we have placed 5 apartments and 5 individual storage rooms. Good connection with the entire Tri-City agglomeration – Gdynia, Gdańsk, Sopot. We offer attractive prices in our offer: Apartments for sale on the Baltic Sea while maintaining an attractive price per m2.

New apartments for sale at a high standard by the sea – a higher developer standard.

What exactly does a high developer standard mean? It is the aesthetics of finishing, comprehensive electrical, plumbing, intercom and automatic heating control system. It is also putty and painted white walls as well as high-class window and door joinery – wooden, soundproof and windproof. Both windows and exits to balconies and terraces have been enlarged to provide more daylight. Thanks to this, apartments at any time of the day are bright, sunny – energetic!

Functionality is the second name of the Novum Rumia investment. The layout of the rooms, corridors and rooms is extremely well thought out. The corridors are located so that they take up as little space as possible. The rooms are adjustable, non-transitional and have separate dressing rooms. Regardless of the chosen area of the apartment, each is to guarantee as much usable space as possible to its household members.

We know how important it is to relax in the fresh air. Therefore, another important factor in the design of Novum Rumia apartments were spacious terraces and balconies. In this area, we definitely have something to boast about. Our terraces are a space for the implementation of your passions and exercises – yoga, functional training or simply – playing with children. Terraces up to 120 m2 and balconies up to over 10 m2!

Investment area – Auqapark Reda, Tri-City Landscape Park, CH Port Rumia, Hel Peninsula

The Novum Rumia estate draws handfuls from the benefits of its area. The choice of the investment location was not accidental. It was to be a combination of excellent communication, proximity to recreational and sports places and easy access to a rich commercial and service offer. Kosynierów Street in Rumia meets all these requirements.

So let the numbers speak! From the Novum Rumia residential complex you are 300 meters from the shopping center, 400 meters from the auqapark and the largest saunarium in Pomerania, 10 minutes on foot to the Tri-City Landscape Park, 12 minutes by car to the secluded and extremely picturesque beach and 15 minutes SKM to the center of Gdynia.

Kosynierów Street in Rumia is characterized by a great connection of the Fast Urban Railway with the entire Tri-City: Gdynia, Sopot, Gdańsk. It is also the proximity of the road infrastructure connecting the investment with the entire Pomerania – the Hel Peninsula, the Gulf of Gdańsk and Puck, as well as Łeba and the Słowiński Landscape Park.

Rumia is a real emerging housing market in Pomerania. Take advantage of low prices now and enjoy a significant increase in the price of your investment in the future. We offer apartments for sale by the sea – Tricity, it is worth living, investing and working here.


In the immediate vicinity of the location of the Novum Rumia housing estate, a new station of the Fast Urban Railway – SKM Biała Rzeka is planned, which will allow for even more efficient communication with the entire Tri-City.
15 minutes
SKM to Gdynia
12 minutes by car
by the sea
400 meters
from the pool
3 min walk
to CH Port
10 min walk
to the SSP

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